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The reason I smile is because I’m finally happy though I haven’t made that move to make this one mine but believe me it’s coming soon and 2013 is gone be our year. You & me against the world people gone hate it but that’s life!! And because you been hurt so much my promise is to never see a tear come from your eyes and it happen because of me. I can’t wait for the world to meet this person who makes me happy and there ain’t no titles yet 😁😁😁❤💋💞😘 #myfuture #2013 #happy #smile #newbeginning #bigmoves #majormoves #newrelationship

it bees da 1 and only Jared[wen i do it qetsz dun itsz nuthinq #believedat]
im 19 yrsz of aqe!
imma aries
freshman in college(@ Barry Univeristy)
very kewl person like 2 meet new ppl
umm nethinq else yu wanna no ASK! :)

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